Women Make up 10% Of Morocco’s Entrepreneurs

Rabat – According to the President of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Morocco (AFEM), Asmâa Morine Azzouzi, women make up only 10 percent of Morocco’s entrepreneurs, according to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).On the occasion of National Women’s Day, the AFEM organized a conference on Thursday in Casablanca to address “Women’s Entrepreneurship, From Survival to Pleasure”.Speaking at the conference, AFEM President Azzouzi said even though women are encouraged by institutional incentives to start their own business, the majority of entrepreneurs are men.Female entrepreneurs who attended the event stressed that although women’s entrepreneurship foments growth and is regarded as a source of job creation and wealth, the percentage of women starting their own business is low. According to the same source, speakers at the conference pointed out the difficulties in women’s entrepreneurship as it relates to the informal sector better known as “under the table” or “working for cash.”The conference revealed that more than 50 percent of women operating in the informal sector undergo inhumane and undignified working conditions.Speakers raised awareness about and urged the establishment of a social security system to protect female workers in the informal sector.The subject of gender equality in Morocco’s social development was also discussed at the National Women’s Day event.Although Morocco is making strides in the promotion of human rights, women’s equality in the workplace is still low. read more

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