The fear factor

first_imgA big thanks to covid-19, the dynamics of the world are fast changing at the rate of noughts with every passing minute. While the apocalypse caused by this invisible and deadly virus is well known to the mankind. Not only it has infected  millions of people all over the world, snatched lives of thousands whosoever has come under its trap, at the same time, a significant proportion have found a way to come on top against this virus which is acting as a catalyst in boosting the confidence of infected people , but also is posing some stiff challenges and questions to the men in power as to how will cope up with the menace of  umemployment.Knowingly or unknowingly, deep inside there are grave concerns amongst all sections of the society regarding their employment and one can sense there is tension written all over the face which maybe visible sooner rather than later.Although governments of each country are  putting surfeit efforts to minimise the damage but still the equation looks beyond their reach when it comes to the havoc caused to the economies of all nations. Even though, there may be handful of pundits and veterans  expressing optimism and betting big on Indian economy at this point of time , there seems to be a broad consensus amongst all the renowned agencies that situation is grim when it comes to growth rate.But one question that keeps striking my mind and I am finding it a hard pill to swallow is why some people are over worried about their future at this point of time. Perhaps answer to this question lies in the holy books. Despite the Prime Minister of India, urging people and corporates  not to show their respective empoyees exit doors, the fact of matter is that companies run on balance sheets not on emotional aspect. The seldom way they can contribute is, if the governments lend them a helping hand in this hour of crisis, otherwise we are asking way too much for my liking from the firms . Or if we look at from my perspective, I personally believe that concerned humans need to realise and accept it as a reality that they are not alone in this game, neither there is anything called permanent in this world. Whatever  be the situation of the country is, once this pandemic gets over in India, everyone will assess the situation as to where exactly we stand. There is bound to be firing of employees but one must take into consideration and can take a lot of heart from the fact that this time around they would having experience up their sleeves once they would again apply for any other suitable job.I also believe that this is going to be a brand new start for every individual in their lives once we are able to take hold of this covid -19 situation. I also reckon, that the lurking fear of starting from the scratch amongst people if they are fired  is also one of the prominent reason for their increasing anxiety levels. For the time being, we need to first survive this storm, else we are planning for the situations which we may not be able to see.To give a ray of hope , nobody would have thought at the start  that India would be able to stem this pandemic,yet the bottom line is we have done a commendable job so far . If we can contain this, definitely we can conquer the other issues as well.Compiled by:Ritesh Naranglast_img