Bianchi’s New Infinito CV Borrows From Nasa, introduces Countervail for Cycling

first_imgSadly, there might not be a space program any more, but that isn’t stopping Bianchi from using some space age technologies in their new Infinito CV Endurance Road bike. Just days before the legendary Paris-Roubaix – one of the toughest races in the world on both bike and rider, Bianchi launched their new bike so it can be used by Vacansoleil-DCM’s Jaun Antonio Flecha on Sunday. Utilizing a proven viscoelastic material named Countervail, the Infinito CV is said to immediately cancel road vibration.More on the first use of Countervail for cycling after the break. Collaborating directly with the USA’s Material sciences Corporation, Bianchi figured out a way to embed the Countervail material within the carbon layup of the frame. Just how much viscoelastic material is embedded in the frame and what effect it has on the weight is unknown, but Bianchi claims there is enough to immediately cancel road vibration felt through the frame. Viscoelastic material has been used for padding, body armor, and other uses in cycling industry before but using the term viscoelastic is kind of like saying styrofoam. There are many different types of materials, each with different characteristics.Countervail has already been used in the ski and snowboardindustry with Wagner Ski’s working it into the design of their skis to improve the flex and damping characteristics. Originally developed to prevent flutter in the carbon fiber control panels of supersonic air craft, Countervail is essentially a sheet of viscoelastic polymer cloth that has the carbon fiber strands woven through it – so it is able to be built in with very little additional weight.Bianchi’s CEO, Bob Ippolito says, “We are really excited to introduce a revolutionary vibration cancelling technology for cycling with our new Infinito CV model. Thanks to our close collaboration with MSC’s engineers we developed a new exclusive patented material technology that will deliver better performance with less fatigue and more control.”Thomas Cassin, the President and CEO of MSC added, “MSC and Bianchi have entered into a license and trademark use agreement enabling Bianchi to utilize the Countervail patented technology and registered trademark within the bicycle industry. MSC has collaborated with Bianchi to incorporate Countervail technology in Bianchi Bicycles, starting with the new Infinito CV model announced today. ”Not only does the Countervail cancel road vibration, but supposedly it also increases frame rigidity. So – stiffer frame, smoother ride? Sounds straight out of science fiction. The aerodynamically shaped Infinito CV will carry on Bianchi’s Coast to Coast (C2C) geometry designed specifically for endurance road riding with a taller, more upright seating position.Perhaps the biggest bombshell of the whole release? The fact that the Infinito CV will be available in a hydraulic disc brake version. Details are slim, but apparently the disc version will be built on a 135mm rear spacing that will accept 140-160mm rotors.last_img