Kenai City Manager Explains CARES Act: Round 2

first_imgFacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享City Manager Paul Ostrander discussed the disbursement of the second round of CARES Act spending by the City of Kenai during Wednesday night’s City Council meeting. He also said that projections dictate that there is likely to be a surplus in business grant money, allowing for a potential third round: “Based on that projection, there is going to be significant money left in the business grant program.” Second, Ostrander discussed rental and mortgage assistance: “Really, it’s an extension of this Alaska housing program. We have slated $400,000 for this. There were 80 City of Kenai residents, approximately 80, who applied for the first Alaska housing one. So, we’re estimating about the same about: the number, the total amount that we’re going to pay out is likely much less than $400,000, but we wanted to add a little bit of a contingency in case we got additional applications or if we see additional impacts to our economy over the next four months that we haven’t seen to-date.” Finally, he said that $65,000 in grants will be utilized for food distribution. The money will pay for food boxes to be distributed throughout the City of Kenai: “What this would do is actually provide $65,000 grant to the Food Bank so that every week, they would provide 150 food boxes. So, 150 food boxes for 16 weeks in the City of Kenai would be distributed. For folks who needed it who could come by and get a food box, this is for that program, through the remainder of the year.” Ostrander was asked about this impacts commercial fishermen: “So, the commercial fishers’ grant was approved at several meetings ago by the Council. This resolution does not modify that program, so the requirements for being eligible for that are the same as they were previously. That was having landings in 2019, I believe in-excess of $10,000, and you had to be a resident of the City of Kenai.” He noted that the funds can be divided into three categories. First, he discussed the small business component: “First, is it established a second round of small business grants. The first round actually was a combination of small business grants and non-profits. This second round will be small businesses only. The intent is to start this program on October 1.” Resolution 2020-070 passed with unanimous consent.last_img