Cristiano Jarretta’s future at CSKA is unclear

first_imgThe sports director of the capital CSKA Cristiano Jarretta returned to Italy yesterday, Tema Sport reports. He is still silent about his future. His contract with the club was for a year and a half from the beginning of 2019 until this summer.Thus, Jareta may no longer be part of the “Army”, but there is no official announcement regarding him. During the spring part of the championship, the Italian diverted questions about his expiring contract, saying only that the priority in CSKA is the results, not its future. Jarrett helped transfer Kiril Despodov to Cagliari a year and a half ago and helped attract Italian players Diego Fabrini and Stefano Beltrame. The first came to the “Army” last summer, but only 90 days after signing, he announced that he did not feel happy in our country and wanted to break up. Fabrini finished the season at Dinamo (Bucharest), where there is a lot of money and the club is about to be relegated from the elite. Yesterday there were reports that second division Italian clubs are showing interest in Fabrini.Beltrame is at CSKA at the moment. At the beginning of the spring part he was a starter, but then he got injured and Tiago took his position on the field and made good matches with Stamen Belchev.The truth about the new assessment of the “Army”There will be development soonlast_img