Binge where? Don’t care – Survey shows who watches the watchers

first_imgNetflix(LOS ANGELES) — While unheard of just years ago, people can now fill every available moment watching their favorite shows, and a new survey shows just how far they’re willing to go.A survey of more than 37 thousand Netflix users reveals that 67% of people will risk “embarrassment, awkwardness and spoilers” to watch their favorite shows in public places. That’s right: They’re not afraid to laugh out loud, cry, or squee — or openly watch steamy streaming content just to get their binge on.The SurveyMonkey poll revealed that 45% of Netflix watchers have nabbed “backseat bingers” checking out their shows, though most watch proudly — just 18% say they’ve been embarrassed about what strangers are peeping, and 77% say prying eyes aren’t enough to get them to hit “pause.”Speaking of which, 7% of those surveyed say they’ve watched streaming content in public bathrooms — way more do so in their own bathroom, for the record —  and 26% say they’ve watched it at work.Streaming their stuff is so important, in fact, that the survey shows 30% of those polled say, “access to movies and TV shows” is considered more essential than food or beverages on a trip.Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMatico Relatedlast_img