“The Bachelorette” recap: David and Clay are rushed to the hospital while Becca gets emotional

first_imgABC/Paul Hebert(LOS ANGELES) — On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin and her bachelors learned the hard way that love is a battlefield when two guys were rushed to the hospital and one had to leave the competition early. Before the bloody drama, Becca invited Wills, Jason, Jordan, David, Jean Blanc, and Colton on a group date at the spa. It was the boys’ job to pamper Becca and her closest friends with massages and nail painting. Although Becca seemed to be enjoying herself, she only had one thing on her mind. Last week, Colton confessed he dated her friend and co-star, Tia, before coming on the show. To make matters worse and more dramatic, Becca invited Tia to the spa.Eventually, Becca pulled Tia aside to ask about Colton, and Tia explained that their relationship ended amicably. When Becca asked Tia if she thinks Colton came on the show hoping she would be the bachelorette, Tia answered with a concerning, “possibly.”After the chat, Becca admitted she was still confused with the whole situation. But, everything got cleared up later that night when Colton explained he has no feelings for Tia and is all-in for Becca. Once opening up, Becca gave him the night’s only rose, proving she is ready to move on with Colton. “In Becca’s past relationship, trust was an issue,” Colton said to camera. “To start my relationship with her, I don’t want trust to even be questioned. I want her to know I am not Arie. I am going to work my a** off every day to prove to her that I am honest and trustworthy.”While they were clearing up their drama, David and Jordan were creating even more. David started pressing Jordan about getting 4,000 Tinder matches and then told Becca that he thinks Jordan isn’t right for her. This prompted Jordan to freak out on David, accusing him of ruining his brand and career as a “top” male model. “You’re a skeleton of a man,” Jordan said to David. “Cheers to you for being a b****.”After her rocky first group date, Becca took Chris on a one-on-one. When they arrived at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, they were greeted by Grammy-winning musician Richard Marks. He explained the two will have to write lyrics to their “love song.” Chris instantly started to panic at the idea of opening up and putting his feelings down on paper. After a talk with Becca, Chris began to open up and wrote lyrics that really moved her. “Opening up didn’t seem to exist, but then I looked into those beautiful eyes, breaking down my walls, I couldn’t resist,” he read from a notebook. “Your smile captivates me. Those eye give me hope. The idea of seeing you at the end of this is what I want to envision the most.”At dinner, Chris explained he was so frightened of the activity because his parents got divorced at a young age and hasn’t seen his father since then. A few years ago, he put all his feelings into a letter and sent it to his father, but never got a response. Becca thanked him for opening up with her and gave him a rose. Before the second group date, the episode pivoted to the mansion in the middle of the night as David was taken out on a stretcher. Blood was smeared all over the floor next to several bloody towels.When host Chris Harrison went to visit Becca the next day, he explained that David was rushed to the hospital overnight and was being treated for a broken nose and busted face. The scene falsely builds it up as if Jordan might be the culprit after the earlier beef, but Chris explained that David embarrassingly rolled out of bed and landed on his face. He will be fine, Chris explained.After a brief call with David, Becca resumed her second group date with Clay, Leo, Christon, Ryan, John, Garrett, Mike, Lincoln, Connor, and Blake. She took them all to the football field where professional female players Dina Karwoski and Malissa Miles helped train the guys and get them ready for the first Becca Bowl. On game day, the guys competed to be MVP or Most Valuable Partner. Clay — who is a professional NFL player — obviously came out on top, but he was rushed to the hospital after injuring his wrist when scoring a touchdown. Later that night, Blake explained how hard it is developing feelings for Becca — especially after such a successful one-on-one date last week — while sharing her with other men. In fact, he called her his girlfriend, and she confessed that made her “giddy.” But, Becca actually gave the night’s rose to Clay, who showed up last minute with his arm in a sling to surprise her. Before the rose ceremony, Clay struggled with a very important decision. Turns out, his wrist injury was much more serious and he was going to need immediate surgery, which means he had to leave the competition. He told Becca he had to go because his career (which he supports his family with) depends on this surgery. “I know what I have to do, and I regret it already,” he explained. “Trust me.”Though Becca understood why he had to leave, she felt devastated by the news. “We were finally getting somewhere,” she said. “He has such a big heart.”With no rose ceremony, the episode closed with Becca’s confession: “I have nothing left. I’m done.”To find out who she sends home, tune in next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC. Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMatico Relatedlast_img