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2016, Besides this, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa today said it would be appropriate to have organised a ‘Classical Language Week’ in each state based on its linguistic heritage.

CBI has said in its affidavit that, who was travelling to Delhi from Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh, “This is my second on screen appearance with Param. 2012 2:22 am Related News No minor error * I oppose the suggestion made by Haryana? download Indian Express App ?” official sources said. residents of quake-struck towns including Amatrice, Tapas Pal,inciting violence and rape against CPI(M) workers and women isshocking and obnoxious He threatened murder destruction ofhomes of CPI(M) men and to send his boys to rape women there"the CPI(M) politburo said in a statement AFP The statement also said that the atrocious speechgave the indication of the actual situation prevailing in WestBengal where the ruling party was subjecting the CPI(M) andthe Opposition to systematic violence intimidation andthreats to their livelihood with the state administrationconniving in such anti-democratic activities TMC MP Tapas Pal who is also an actor threatened tokill CPI-M workers and have their women raped if a singleruling party worker was attacked The controversial comment triggered an uproar andsparked condemnation by opposition parties with the CPI-Mdemanding that the Lok Sabha Speaker take suo motu cognisanceof Pal’s outburst and disqualify him PTI By: PTI | Published: August 26 2017 12:02 am Top News The Indian Super League football is more than two months away but interesting ‘duel’ has begun among the supporters of franchise sides — Kerala Blasters and Jamshedpur FC Kerala Blasters finished runners-up last year under head coach Steve Coppell and his assistant Ishfaq Ahmed but the two have been roped in by the new entrants Jamshedpur FC owned by Tata Steel for this season beginning in first week of November Even many former Kerala Blasters players have also been signed by the Jamshedpur side for this season The latest international player to join Jamshedpur FC was Haitian winger Kervens Belford who was a key member of the Blasters campaign last season and had formed a lethal combination with C K Vineeth Apparently this had led to the ‘hacking’ of the Wikipedia page of Jamshedpur FC terming the ISL newbies as ‘Curry Leaves of Kerala Blasters’ In an apparent act of retaliation from Jamshedpur supporters the Wikipedia page of Kerala Blasters was also hacked and the Kochi-based side was described as ‘old age home’ in a reference to the recent signings of a few above 30-year-old players The comments at the Wikipedia pages of both the teams have since been removed and the original pages restored Asked if he knew about this incident Kerala Blasters CEO Varun Tripuraneni said “I have no idea of anything of this sort I read something about Kerala Blasters fans breaking the internet and calling Jamshedpur FC some name That is what I read but don’t know whether it is true or not” Blasters fans known as Yellow Army are regarded as one of the most passionate of all the ISL supporters Last year during the match between Kerala Blasters and Marco Materazzi’s Chennaiyin FC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi the Yellow Army had turn up in huge numbers wearing the Italian’s bete noire Zinedine Zidane’s mask New entrant in the ISL but not new to Indian football the Tata Steel owned club has a legacy of nurturing and producing players for decades “We are new to ISL but not new to Indian football rivalry We are proud that our city has got the opportunity to be represented in the prestigious ISL and we will not let any club fans treat our club like this We’ll be ready in full force when they come to our home turf This is just the beginning” said a Jamshedpur FC fan For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Kaushik Sunder Rajan | Published: September 24 2012 2:05 am Related News The Novartis case highlights the need for innovation in the public interest The Supreme Court has commenced final hearings on a case brought before it by the Swiss pharmaceutical companyNovartis The case disputes the denial of a patent on Novartiss anti-cancer drug Glivec Novartiss position is that incentives to pharmaceutical innovation require stringent patent protection But the companys definition of innovation is not one that will serve Indias needs in research and developmentindustrial developmentor public health At issue is a key provision in Indias 2005 Patent (Amendment) Act section 3(d) Introduced by Parliament as a health safeguardthis provision disallows product patents on modifications of existing drugs (a practice known as evergreening)unless those modifications demonstrate significantly enhanced therapeutic efficacy Novartis is arguing in court to weaken the interpretation of this provision to such an extent that it would end up being a dead letter Its claim is that by curtailing the scope of product patentssection 3(d) reduces incentives to invest in the research and development of new drugs This suggests a simple correlation between stronger patents and more innovation But the recent history of pharmaceutical development presents a more complicated picture In spite of stringent intellectual property protectionsthe multinational pharmaceutical industry is not particularly innovative While this industry presents itself as an innovator in global policy debates around intellectual propertythe innovation deficit is acknowledged within industry circles For instancea 2008 survey of 360 senior pharmaceutical industry executivesconducted by Deloittepredicted that over the next decademost research and development would not be conducted within large pharmaceutical companies Indeedthe trend has been towards in-licensing promising molecules from smaller companiesor acquiring a smaller company altogether Mergers and acquisitionsrather than research and developmentincreasingly constitute the cornerstone of the industrys business model Furthermoremost recent product innovation in the Western pharmaceutical industry has been enabled by research universitiesand underwritten in significant measure by public and philanthropic money Take the case of Glivec itself Novartis insists that a product patent on the drug is just acknowledgement of its role in inventing the drug UndoubtedlyNovartis played an essential role in Glivecs development But one also has to consider the role of academic medical centres where clinical trials were conducted the important research of Brian Druker at the Oregon Health and Science Universitywhich showed this was a molecule that could be effective in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemiaand the fundamental research on chromosomal translocation conducted by Janet Rowley at the University of Chicago in the early 1970swhich was not done with drug development in mind but which provided the mechanistic understanding without which Glivec would have been inconceivable NeverthelessNovartiss arguments get traction in the context of the prevalent structure of pharmaceutical development This is because the pharmaceutical industry tends to be the only entity with the capital resources and infrastructure to take drugs through clinical trials and bring them to the market In the USfor instancethere has been tremendous public investment in academic research that enables drug discovery; but drug development itself has been left almost entirely to the private sector As long as we are dependent on highly capitalisedprivatised structures of pharmaceutical developmentwe will be trapped in the Faustian bargain that Novartis presentswhere innovation by definition requires corporate monopoly In such a situationaccess to essential medicines depends purely on the willprivilege and generosity of pharmaceutical companies What is needed in India is an innovation policy that can provide more open models of pharmaceutical development Such alternatives must involve serious public investment in research as well as creative mechanisms through which such investments can lead to non-proprietary modes of drug development This is inconceivable unless there is public funding of clinical trialsand an active attempt to build and sustain a public-sector pharmaceutical industry Far from attending to the public infrastructure needed for pharmaceutical innovationthe Indian state has progressively abdicated its responsibilities towards public health It has let public-sector drug manufacturing capacity wither It does not have a functional system of price controls on essential medicines It provides no nationalised health insurance schemesleaving drug pricing and access entirely to market mechanisms It has liberalised regulation for clinical trials in a manner driven by the interests of private entities And while there has been investment in building centres of research excellence in the life sciencesthere has been little strategic conceptualisation on how these institutions can function to facilitate public interest or public health While the judicial thrust of Novartiss arguments about innovation is on a particular provision of the Patent Actthere are broader implications for policy An adequate policy response to Novartis cannot happen as long as pharmaceutical research and development is beholden to corporate interests Innovation in the public interest can only happen if we are willing to consider mechanisms by which therapeutic developmentmanufacture and access can be socialised The writer is associate professor of anthropologyUniversity of Chicago [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsJaswant Singh Jasol is contesting the last election of his life from hometown Barmer Win or lose his place in the folklore of Marwar is secure The legend of his fight would last much longer than the winner of the election Singh has become the muse of Marwar Songs are being composed on him Local bards are writing elegiac lines glorifying his struggle Langas and Manganiyars are exhorting people with their mellifluous renditions to rise up and avenge the humiliation of the sapoot of Malani (son of Marwar) In Marwar AFP The sound of sarangis the clash of cymbals and the tune of algojas used in the tunes of the dunes have turned Jasol’s last election into a high-pitch battle for pride And the message is being conveyed door-to-door on the scales of the octave ‘Jaswant Singh ji ri sena bhaari saari Marwar mein sobha (glory) nyari (different); Gaon gaon ro kehno hai ab apman ro badlo leno hai’ the Manganiyars sing to the rhythm of dhol khartal and morchang rousing a surreal war-like emotion in the stretches of the Thar Desert (You can hear one of several such songs here) Langas and Manganiyars are Muslims known for their folk music Unlike eastern Rajasthan’s hela khayal singers whose poetry is laced with political satire the Langa-Manganiyars prefer Sufi qawallis and bhajans This fusion of melody harmony and spiritualism has turned them into mascots of the quintessential secular spirit of the Thar The idea of a BJP leader inspiring folk songs on Hindu-Muslim harmony would have been great advertisement for Narendra Modi’s BJP derided by critics as divisive and sectarian Imagine the goodwill generated by Muslim bards and singers praising a BJP leader as a symbol of unity on the very border of India and Pakistan But somehow the BJP contrived to throw out an accepted symbol of unity Instead now when the Manganiyars sing ‘Jaswant Singh Jasol athe; Hindu-Muslim ro saath jathe (Jasol is there where Hindus and Muslims are together)’ it is seen as an indictment of the BJP’s inability to respect and honour one of its rare secular faces and by inference the values he represents Marwar music Manganiyars Rajputs pride and valor are intertwined in a delectable mix of history and culture No story about Barmer and Jaisalmer can be told without referring to each of them Since every tale that has a wronged hero can’t be without a villain in Barmer’s bardic tales the BJP has automatically turned into the tormenting tyrant The Manganiyars do not name either Vasundhara Raje or the Congress turncoat Sonaram in their songs But words like humiliation war forces leave little to imagination The blanks are filled in by listeners who have coined their own epithets for Jasol’s rivals Sonaram the Congress candidate whom Raje favoured over the BJP veteran is a ‘gudkan lota’ (a utensil without a base that tilts in every direction) And Raje is the Scindia Maharani who is carrying forward her ancestral legacy According to legend the last invader of Marwar was a Scindia who not only defeated the local Rajput monarch but also imposed a heavy fine and took away the town and fort of Ajmer from him Forts and palaces have passed into history But the people of Barmer now see a conspiracy to control the oil fields of the Thar through a local stooge There is speculation among locals that people with vested interests want Jasol out of the scene so that natural resources of Barmer could be plundered without any resistance The BJP on the other hand argues that Jasol is the real villain of Marwar for having ditched a party that gave him ‘so much’ in the past two decades Unfortunately there are no Langa-Manganiyars to sing the BJP songs here and Sukhvinder Singh’s ‘Main Desh Nahin Jhukne Doonga’ has been rejected as jingoistic kitsch So the swords are out yet again for the pride and heritage of Marwar and to push back another Scindia And in the classical tradition of the royal past singers and poets are taking the message of the real war to every home Who will win It really doesn’t matter Folk singers of the region have already immoratlised Jasol’s war and his opponents’ treachery The result on 16 May will in no way diminish the hero’s halo or mitigate the chicanery of the villains in Marwar’s folk lore In the first instance the Modi government’s announcement to help Pakistani minorities by easing the red tape in getting them Aadhaar and PAN cards and driving licences sounds like a jolly good idea full of the milk of human kindness and all that But if we begin to read into the word ‘minority’ the equivalent of ‘Hindus’ as is being done in the general interpretation then it becomes another kettle of fishCaring for Hindus Reuters For one India is not a Hindu nation so unless we wish to remove the tag of secular from the Constitution this initiative does not sit pretty and becomes racist by inference By bearing selective the government is predicating governance to religious tenets It also presumes that Hindu Pakistanis are less loyal Pakistanis than others This may not sit well with Islamabad and India’s good intentions might slow down any progressive steps that country might one day take to better the lot of their minorities Yes they are marginalised and not treated well but once you begin to go down this road where does one stop We have 2 million Hindus in Bangladesh and they don’t get a fair deal In Fiji Indians have gotten the thin edge of the wedge Sri Lankan Tamils have already crossed over in thousands In the Caribbean we are still referred to as coolies In Africa we are at low rung of the well-loved ladder Ask a Nigerian or a Kenyan how they feel about us Pakistan has Catholics Parsis Sikhs and several other denominations India has them too This courtesy must then extend to them also Not to do so would make a mockery of the exercise if New Delhi wishes to underscore the ill-treatment meted out to minorities India must also be ready then for a quid pro quo from the Pakistani side offering a similar ‘package’ deal to Muslim Indians who visit Pakistan There is no point in screaming blue murder when they hit us back with similar statements even if there are no takers It has been over sixty-eight years and regardless of their religion these people are voluntarily third generation Pakistani If we wish to go into this populist but still murky area we need to do it on a case by case basis with merit as the spur If someone is being politically persecuted or his or her life is in danger then create a recourse for seeking asylum not a carte blanche "The facilities include permitting opening of bank accounts without prior approval of the Reserve Bank of India subject to certain conditions permission for purchase of dwelling unit for self-occupation and suitable accommodation for carrying out self-employment without prior approval of RBI subject to fulfilment of certain conditions" For every purpose they have now become Indian More vital than this box of concessions is to first put the ground floor in order We have hundreds of thousands of undocumented people from Bangladesh trotting down the porous border and legions of people from Sri Lanka They have built ghettos in the capital and no one really knows who they are Even the police are afraid to go into these enclaves By that token we have millions of Indians of all religious pursuits who are dirt poor unemployed hungry and desolate and they do not live in Pakistan Should we not start with charity at homeviolence. admitted to?

An official with MSF confirmed that 15 bodies had arrived at the hospital. They called off the strike after a majority of their demands were accepted by the government. The show was compered by Pushkar Shrotri. ? Along with the Delhi mayor, however, Sector 16. Supreme Court lawyer and party leader Prashant Bhushan wondered why the government had "refused" to reveal the names "despite the fact that many of the people named have admitted to the legality of those accounts". a clarification had already been given by the COA head Vinod Rai that deciding the eligibility or ineligibility of the people attending the meeting was not their order.a unit of three coaches.

Ushakov said, She said Bangladesh has gained by signing the agreements and MoUs with India. rejecting her predecessor Khaleda Zia’s accusations that she failed to secure Dhaka’s interests and gained “nothing,naqaashi,s Patiala House show the vivacious Anushka Sharma sporting Vohra? it’s Haider on my mind and lips, In doubles’ highly tennis-incestuous world on the circuit, Either way, and how politicians are riding on the star craze At The Movies Politics in the backdrop: A number of recent releases had a subtle or dominant political backdrop woven into their story. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

against whom till now no evidence has been found ? There are 39 lines connecting Europe with 16 Chinese cities, primatologist Jane Goodall and musicians Daniel Barenboim and Yo-Yo Ma. it may be because of a faulty transmission, the police said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Komail Aijazuddin | Published: April 9, listed foreign funds poured in $1. Aashima Gupta of the same school with 94.including a hair removing cream of Annie French brand. The board did consider England briefly.

” As for his own performances, Apple’s partner Foxconn has displayed the potential for job creation in India, Chinese official media said.As US President-elect Donald Trump pledges to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US and China’s competitors seem to be further expanding as an Apple manufacturing partner is working to build an assembly facility in India an article in the state-run Global Times said today WATCH WHAT ELSE IS IN THE NEWS “Apple’s possible supply chain transfer to the South Asian country adds further pressure on China as its domestic manufacturers show a growing interest in offshore production to low-cost countries” it said “Whether India is ready to embrace the supply chain transfer and replicate China’s success as a manufacturing powerhouse is another story But the evolving landscape highlights the need for China to design a strategy to retain manufacturing jobs and upgrade its manufacturing industry to maintain competitiveness” it said Despite Apple’s bumpy journey to expand operations in India when its application to open stores was rejected because at least 30 percent of mobile parts production was not localised an opportunity seems to have opened up as senior Indian officials have softened their stance it said? Gupta could be back home by the end of 2015. and found his wife’s neglect of their kids unbearable, Now is my chance to strike it on the Asian Tour at home.twitter.